Objective – Client’s objective was to rank for main conversion-oriented keywords “RFP software” & “RFP tool” that get them leads & generate business

Client at present is ranking above the competition for these keywords in addition to many other ROI-driven keywords.

Our Analysis 


  • We did our market research and found that client had an excellent product better than most of its industry counterparts.
  • The product also was also received by users and had positive reviews online.
  • The site though wasn’t conversion oriented or optimized well for search engines.



  • We did a competitor research and found that the site had comparable backlink authority to competitors but not so well done on site optimization.
  • Keyword research was done to identify potential high/mid competition keywords and these were then incorporated into landing page copy.
  • CTAs including videos were included to improve conversion rate.
  • Client was in an industry where users compare products and use multiple touch points before converting. We focused on content marketing initiatives where customers were bucketed by different channels and content marketing initiatives carried out based on type of customer.
  • Innovative Link building through guest post outreach, podcasts, PR tieups, Youtube videos, etc
  • Technical on site corrections included adding schemas to show up in rich snippets, improve page loading time, optimizing for mobiles, internal linking improvement & beefing up existing page content.




Client’s Rankings on Google.com (as of January 2020)


RFP software – 1st position



RFP tool – 1st position


Ahrefs (3rd party tool) estimated Organic Traffic & No of
Keywords in Top 100



On a year on year basis, we were able to achieve 400% growth in organic traffic due to massive spike in the number of keywords in top 2 pages of Google.com

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