Objective – The client’s objective was to get traffic to their website and rank for the main product-related keyword, “face recognition attendance system,” which will get them more visibility and help to generate more leads.

The client was ranked for that keyword in the first three positions. After the Google algorithm update, the keyword started showing information posts first instead of product landing pages. So we created an article, and it started to rank in 1st position for that keyword. Due to business needs, that article was modified so that it doesn’t rank for that keyword and the landing page started showing below 5th position as the other top results are dominated by blog posts.

Our Analysis

  • We did our market research and found that client had an excellent product, with multiple different features.
  • We chose a keyword that was having good searches and was not targeted much by competitors.
  • The product also had positive reviews, and many know brands used it.
  • The site, though, wasn’t optimized well for search engines and the keywords were not targeted.


  • We did competitor research and found that the on-page was not optimized and had very few backlinks compared to competitors.
  • Keyword research was done to identify potential high/mid competition keywords, which were then incorporated into landing page copy.
  • Technical changes, meta-tag optimization, and internal linking were done to rank the pages for relevant keywords.
  • Later, we started with content publication to cover the niche industries the client caters to and shoulder topics to bring more visibility and traffic to the website.


Client’s Rankings on Google.co.in (as of February 2022)

Face recognition attendance system – 1st position

Ranking on 1st position for the keyword face recognition attendance system

Ahrefs (3rd party tool) estimated Organic Traffic & Number of Keywords in the Top 100

Organic traffic and keywords growth chart

  • We started with SEO in May 2021, and we optimized the website.
  • Fixed the technical issues and targeted the keywords on solution pages, and the website traffic started to increase.
  • After that, you can see a fall in traffic in June 2022. At that time, the blog post ranking in 1st position for the keyword “face recognition attendance system” was modified, and another keyword was targeted for that article.
  • In April 2022, we started constantly putting new blog posts on the website, and it started ranking for several keywords, and you can see the traffic growth.

If we compare April 2021 data with December 2022, it s a 333.16% growth in organic sessions and 833.26% in users. Right now, the massive spike in traffic is because of blog post ranking in the top positions on Google.

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