1. Do you guarantee first page rankings?

We do not guarantee first page rankings and neither should you believe someone who promises it. When we take on SEO projects, we aim to improve overall organic traffic & rankings & send relevant traffic to your site.

2. How soon before I can start seeing results?

Typically it can take anywhere between 4-6 months to see a noticeable growth from SEO initiatives.

3. Can I stop SEO once I have achieved rankings?

We typically observe that websites that stop SEO gradually lose traffic & market share to the competition who are active on the SEO front.

4. How much growth can I see if I do SEO?

At the start of any SEO project, we can provide you with a rough estimate of how much growth you are likely to see in a 6 month/12 month time frame with SEO initiatives.

5. When would our services not be the right fit for your business?

We don’t scale link building with automated processes/tools that build links on a scale or build “x’’ number of links in a month. We also do not provide web design and development, social media services as it lies outside our core areas of expertise.

6. How many keywords do you work on in a project?

We work on a project by project basis and not on a set number of keywords. We, however, choose relevant/important keywords and also keep track of the rankings.

7. Should I go with SEO or PPC?

If you are looking for immediate traffic, PPC is a better choice. If you are looking for a long term, sustainable traffic, then SEO is a preferred option. Learn more here.

8. How do you begin work on any SEO project?

We first understand your business, offerings, competition and then build an SEO strategy in close coordination with key stakeholders.

9. Do you help in setting up Google Analytics for websites?

Yes, we do help in setting up Google Analytics.

10. Do you assist with conversion rate optimization?

We do assist clients in conversion rate optimization as an additional offering.

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